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January 21, 2020

Scraps and Scrolls- Valar Rereadis: SoS 2

The onslaught of opening POV chapters continues on the ISLE OF FACES in our second episode for Storm of Swords. I discuss the survival of Davos, Tyrion vs Tywin, we get the tip-top Tyrells, the Mance-Jon mirror, and the insurmountable creepiness of one Ser Jorah Mormont as we switch our focus to King's Landing in the centre, and then Jon and Dany out on the edges of the world.

Today's five chapters are:

-Tyrion I

- Davos I

- Sansa I

-Jon I

-Daenerys I

So come step on the Isle if you want to hear a focus on Sansa's big moment, future tertiary characters popping up for the first time, and how Storm of Swords is already springing us from the old days to the new, especially in terms of cunning Jon and happy Daenerys. Also, more bad-mouthing Jorah and I rename Barristan 'White Bear'.


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