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#ValarRereadis has reached the quarter mark of Game of Thrones and the Isle of Faces is here once again as a companion podcast giving the spotlight to the notes that didn't make it into the main stream on Sunday. 

This week, in part 4 of the re-read, I go through the extra notes for the following chapters:


Eddard III

Bran III

Catelyn IV


Eddard IV

Tyrion III

Arya II 

Check out History of Westeros for the live streams and main analysis, plus how to get involved with the Flick community:

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History of Westeros have begun their mighty #ValarRereadis project, and the Isle of Faces is here to serve as the reverse guard. While Aziz and Ashaya host a livestream every week going through ASOIAF chapter by chapter, I will be uploading a weekly companion podcast exploring all the notes there just wasn't time to get to on the live stream.

It's been an absolute please helping Aziz and Ashaya analyse the early Game of Thrones chapters, but sometimes there is just too much. So whenever there are too many of my notes to fit in, here the Isle of Faces is to help out.

This week, in part 3 of the re-read, I go through the extra notes for the following chapters:

Tyrion I

Jon II

Daenerys II

Eddard II

Tyrion II

Catelyn III

& Sansa I 


Check out History of Westeros for the live streams and main analysis, plus how to get involved with the Flick community:

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It is a special, ultra fantabulous, packed-to-bursting, special edition of the Isle of Faces podcast! We're ditching our minicast format for one episode only, and thought we'd gift you all with a little over an hour of our simply heavenly voices.

With that much time, we need a lot of content, and we've got! Lady Buckley and I make our final reviews of those famous five minor characters we've been following all season, plus add some extras we haven't found the time to talk about yet (wave hello Brienne and Davos)

As if that were not good enough, we also go through all Six Kingdoms (plus the North!) and weigh in on their current situation, who's ruling them, what the future looks like, and much more. 

Lady Buckley and I always enjoy making these episodes for you, but I think we would both agree this is the most fun we've had. Hopefully it shows. Especially when we argue (and we do!)

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We've stopped crying! 


Ok, kind of, but we are going ahead anyway. Lady Buckley joins me yet again to discuss the biggest plot points of the final ever episode of Game of Thrones: Jon & Dany, the Great Council, and the ending of the Starks. That, and just how it felt to watch the last episode of something you love.

And, because its us, we slip about 3 extra little arguments in. This is the first of three (!) episodes we'll be doing on the Iron Throne, so come catch our biggest reactions in our minicast format, or just say hello and hand us a tissue!

We'll get through it together, promise.

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It is the final day of Game of Thrones!

Myself and Lady Buckley tick down the hours by revisiting 'The Bells'. We go through some keywords we relate to the episode, look at which moments really just made our hearts go heavy, and examine the different breaking points of certain characters.

Beyond that, Lady Buckley worries just how emotional I will get after tonight and I prepare her hand for the squeezing it is sure to receive. Finally, we both play the bagpipes as a proper farewell (probably)

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The Isle of Faces is back on the regular! Just as a break from Season 8 we have returned to our normal format, with the wonderful hosts of Girls Gone Canon paying us a visit. On top of that Joe makes a very special announcement about his LARGE ASOIAF PROJECT and exactly what it is.

Join us to find out how Chloe and Eliana met, how they came to the series, which character they would prefer to have as the third host of their podcast, and Eliana even sings us the songs of American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

Chloe and Eliana have both been major influences of me and most of the fandom over the years. They are some of the best the fandom has to offer and it was an absolute pleasure to have them on the Isle of Faces. Please go and find all the places they are to be found and listen to their superb content

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Lady Buckley and I are back, and we are arguing too!

It is another minor character round up cast- We look through the trials and tribulations of Gendry, Podrick, Gilly, Bronn and Missandei in Season 8, Episode 4 'The Last of the Starks'. In our quick round up we somehow manage to squeeze in three seperate arguments. One about Brienne, one about Pod, and of course the biggie...


(Don't worry, I win)

Come and lend your support at the Isle of Faces

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Lady Buckley and I, completely free from the effects of weekend alcohol we can assure you, go through three or four wonderings we have on The Long Night and what is to come for the rest of the series.

Following that I take a little time to remind everyone just what Daenerys, Jon, and all the others did to save Westeros/the world and how none of their story and development should be discounted in the name of prophecy.

Come and say hello for another half-hour mini cast on the Isle of Faces, where we keep it positive, breezy, and we sound like farmers.

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The Long Night has come and the Isle of Faces survived! Come and celebrate with myself and Lady Buckley, who have agreed not to argue about Sansa and Daenerys for one whole episode in the name of fandom unity! Yay!

In the meantime we talk through our nine (plus a few more) favourite moments and shots of that monster episode, including the most savage, most beautiful and most heartbreaking. We both loved the episode, and we love chatting about it even more. Well, that's not true. We probably enjoy the show more, but we like this just fine. So if you enjoy 'just fine', this is the half-hour mini cast for you!

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Deathday arrives! Myself and Lady Buckley first discuss the emotional scarring left on us by Avengers Endgame (without spoilers, obviously. We aren't monsters) before giving Knight of the Seven Kingdoms one last nod. Today we discuss the various interruptions, some things we've been wondering, and give Ser Jorah some love.

And of course, we diverge into yet another Sansa vs Daenerys argument.

All that before we prepare for the brutal slap coming our way later today with episode 3. Only have a quick half an hour free? Come and join me and the wife on the Island for another mini-cast in which I win all the arguments.

(Bring tissues)

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