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November 2, 2019

Scraps and Scrolls- Valar Rereadis: CoK 5

My voice is BACK...kinda. On today's part 5 of Clash of Kings I fend off the last of the sniffles while also meeting Brienne (wow!), Asha (Brilliant!), Gilly (Yay!), Quaithe (Cool?) and.... Craster (Oh.) because today's chapters include some absolute gems such as:

- Catelyn II

- Jon III

- Theon II

- Tyrion VI

- Arya VI

- Daenerys II


So come and step on the Isle, especially if you like Jeor-bashing because I go OFF on the Old Bear while also bowing down to the brilliance that is Asha Greyjoy and piecing together what I call Balon's Bonkers Plan.

All that plus a great review recap, counting poisonings off the top of my head, and roughly 200 coughs I had to edit out. 


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