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December 17, 2019

Scraps and Scrolls- Valar Rereadis: CoK 11

The Isle of Faces is heading into battle as the BLACKWATER finally arrives.

Davos wrestles with wildfire and wild water. Tyrion defends the walls, defends the gates, and gets on one hell of rickety bridge. Sansa is left to do all the queening in the Red Keep as well as dealing with a cowardly Hound. And just to give us a break from the utter horror of war Daenerys finally leaves Qarth with Ser Barry (But there's wildfire in her chapter)

Today's chapters are:

-Davos III

- Tyrion XIII

- Sansa VI

- Tyrion XIV

- Sansa VII

- Daenerys V

I talk about the qualifications of Ser Imry Florent, how Jaime influences this battle all the way from Riverrun, how Ser Barry has had me fooled for 5 years, and one of Sansa's greatest ever moments.

So step on the Isle for horrible fires, brave charges, a hell of a lot of drinking, and Ser Jorah getting pushed on his bum


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