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December 10, 2019

Scraps and Scrolls- Valar Rereadis: CoK 10

Welcome one and all to the eve of battle!


As the fires of Stannis appear on the horizon we busy ourselves with a double dose of Sansa, Direwolf dreams in the frostfangs, and a truly damned Theon. All that, and I promise not to get weepy when we bid goodbye to Catelyn as she makes one of the monumental decisions in the entire series.

Today's chapters are:

-Sansa IV

- Jon VII

- Tyrion XII

- Catelyn VII

- Theon V

- Sansa V


Hopefully this new schedule can continue and you can look forward to Scraps and Scrolls appearing nearer the beginning of the week so you can double feature with History of Westeros' Sunday streams

For now step on the Isle for Qhorin talk, Jaime details, and the wondrous return of Asha Greyjoy!



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