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June 2, 2019

Isle of Faces Podcast Episode 14- The Iron Throne, Part 2


It is a special, ultra fantabulous, packed-to-bursting, special edition of the Isle of Faces podcast! We're ditching our minicast format for one episode only, and thought we'd gift you all with a little over an hour of our simply heavenly voices.

With that much time, we need a lot of content, and we've got! Lady Buckley and I make our final reviews of those famous five minor characters we've been following all season, plus add some extras we haven't found the time to talk about yet (wave hello Brienne and Davos)

As if that were not good enough, we also go through all Six Kingdoms (plus the North!) and weigh in on their current situation, who's ruling them, what the future looks like, and much more. 

Lady Buckley and I always enjoy making these episodes for you, but I think we would both agree this is the most fun we've had. Hopefully it shows. Especially when we argue (and we do!)

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