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May 16, 2019

Isle of Faces Podcast Episode 11- Girls Gone Canon

The Isle of Faces is back on the regular! Just as a break from Season 8 we have returned to our normal format, with the wonderful hosts of Girls Gone Canon paying us a visit. On top of that Joe makes a very special announcement about his LARGE ASOIAF PROJECT and exactly what it is.

Join us to find out how Chloe and Eliana met, how they came to the series, which character they would prefer to have as the third host of their podcast, and Eliana even sings us the songs of American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

Chloe and Eliana have both been major influences of me and most of the fandom over the years. They are some of the best the fandom has to offer and it was an absolute pleasure to have them on the Isle of Faces. Please go and find all the places they are to be found and listen to their superb content

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