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April 14, 2019

Isle of Faces Podcast Episode 04- Season 8 Premiere Bonus Episode

Winter is here, and so is the Isle of Faces! Not to be forgotten on this most special of days, the Isle of Faces is throwing a short and sweet bonus episode focusing on the possible endings of some of our more minor characters. Come join as we chat about the arc and endings of Bronn, Podrick, Missandei, Gilly and Gendry. Oh, and my special guest this time out, for this most special of occasions, is none other than MY OWN WIFE.

Check out the cast before episode 1 hits tonight, see if you agree on our predictions for these lesser characters, then listen to us break into an argument over whether Tormund should have died above the Wall and how many people will die in episode 1.

And if its not for you, enjoy Season 8 anyway!

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