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February 25, 2019

Isle of Faces Podcast Episode 02- Jinx Lierre

Emerging from the distant mists of the past is the Isle of Faces podcast, with the long-awaited second episode. Joining me on the Island this time around is none other than the fantastic Jinx Lierre; super-fan, sex worker, activist, and Tina-Belcher-Quoter.

We make up for the long absence by packing together a monster show, where not only does Jinx tell us how certain members of the fandom reaching out changed her life and how the hot Nevada sun played a major role in her getting more involved, but also takes us through how sex workers are -in her own words- more important to the Song of Ice and Fire than dragons. Jinx is able to take us from fictional problems to real-world ones, and advises on how we can all help out and equalise the field for all. All that, plus dance tips, how to make a great entrance on the series, and most importantly: we chat some Skyrim.

Come, listen to Jinx's wise words, listen to my profuse apologies for being so slow, and listen to the wind whistling through the weirwoods here on the Isle of Faces Podcast

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