A calm and simple podcast celebrating all the major contributors to the ASOIAF fandom, having a different one guest on the show each episode

April 4, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 3- Vanessa Cole

This month I am joined by all-around talent Vanessa Cole. She takes us through how she's involved in just about every way it is possible to be involved in this fandom, reveals the mythical beast she had to slay in order to gain the ability to draw, and also let's us in on one of the more unique ways anyone has ever got involved in the fandom. We talk Season 8, the show in general, Westworld vs GoT, and most importantly, we learn all about Vanessa herself. Chances are you have consumed some of her content at some point if you are a fan of ASOIAF, so please come and join us on the Isle of Faces, and consume a bit more.

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