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August 15, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 22- Scraps and Scrolls: Valar Rereadis part 9

We've got a whopper ladies and gents!

Today's Isle of Faces episode covers a whole 8 chapters instead of your usual 7 and clocks in at an hour twenty. Today we see Ser Barry hot step it out of the Red Keep, Robb and Catelyn plan a war, and what else...oh yeah, DEAD THINGS COME BACK TO LIFE.

Also we wave goodbye to the masterpiece that is the Eddard Stark POV.

Come and get your fill before a little Valar Rereadis hiatus, and let me know what you think of today's extra notes for:


-Sansa IV

- Jon VII

- Bran VI

- Daenerys VI

- Catelyn VIII

- Tyrion VII

- Sansa V

- Eddard XV (*Sniff*)


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