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August 6, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 21- Scraps and Scrolls: Valar Rereadis Part 8

Hello fellow Green Men & Women! I hope the Isle finds you well as we arrive at episode 21: Part 8 of History of Westeros' Valar Rereadis Game of Thrones project. Things take a very dark turn in this part of our reread as we begin crossing over into the book's final act.

Today's covered chapters are:

-Sansa III

- Eddard XII

- Daenerys V

- Eddard XIII

- Jon VI

- Eddard XIV

- Arya IV

So today you can hear me have a rest from Tyrion and Catelyn but go through the unused notes for a famous garden meeting, the series' first crowning, travel beyond the Wall and most importantly, Littlefinger wedging personal issues into gigantic matters of state, rule, and the Iron Throne.


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