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July 30, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 20- Scraps and Scrolls: Valar Rereadis Part 7

Isle of Faces turns 20! Somehow we've entered another decade of episodes, and this one starts with another of our Scraps and Scrolls, where we see a Trial by Combat, go back in time, and finally get a real introduction to our oldest of friend, the Iron Throne.

This is part 7 of our reread of Game of Thrones, and today I pick up all the extra unused notes by Aziz & Ashaya from the following chapters:

- Bran V

-Tyrion V

-Eddard X

- Catelyn VII

- Jon V

- Tyrion XI

-Eddard XI


The narrative is really picking up some steam here, and soon enough well...things will go downhill quickly. Get in now before it all goes wrong!

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