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July 18, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 18- ShakesofThrones

Hello, and welcome to another Isle of Faces guest episode! Today I welcome the amazing @Shakesofthrones, where we discuss how Shakes/Lauren first fell in love with Shakespeare, play some Shakespeare-themed icebreaker games, discuss our mutual dislike of Lord of the Rings, and how Lauren found the fandom and began comparing the two different worlds and works. All that but Lauren treats us to which Shakespeare characters might fair best in Westeros, a brilliant take on Season 8 Jaime & Cersei and several other superb takes.

All that plus a Patreon announcement, hot pepper stories, Terry Pratchett talk, and yet more new games and sections!

Lauren's work on the fandom and on Shakespeare is unmatched. She is one of the most talented and intelligent people our little group is blessed with. You can find her here:




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