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June 18, 2019

Isle of Faces Episode 15- Scraps and Scrolls: Valar Rereadis Part 3

History of Westeros have begun their mighty #ValarRereadis project, and the Isle of Faces is here to serve as the reverse guard. While Aziz and Ashaya host a livestream every week going through ASOIAF chapter by chapter, I will be uploading a weekly companion podcast exploring all the notes there just wasn't time to get to on the live stream.

It's been an absolute please helping Aziz and Ashaya analyse the early Game of Thrones chapters, but sometimes there is just too much. So whenever there are too many of my notes to fit in, here the Isle of Faces is to help out.

This week, in part 3 of the re-read, I go through the extra notes for the following chapters:

Tyrion I

Jon II

Daenerys II

Eddard II

Tyrion II

Catelyn III

& Sansa I 


Check out History of Westeros for the live streams and main analysis, plus how to get involved with the Flick community:

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